At the moment, the auto-preview function is enabled in most of our products but not at all. We are trying our best to update this function on all products. 

Product with the preview function

- Step 1: Complete all required options on your favorite product.

- Step 2: Click on the button “PREVIEW YOUR DESIGN” to see the final preview. 

Product without the preview function

If you don’t see the preview button in the product, it means that the product is unavailable for the preview, please follow these steps: 

- Step 1: Place your order first

- Step 2: Request After Order - Preview Order via Contact Us within 2 hours of purchasing your order.  


- We will carry out your request within 2 hours after placing the order. If you send your request after 2 hours, we can help you show your preview but cannot modify it any longer.

- A new preview/Proof will be sent automatically via your email in 12 - 24 hours.

- If there is no reply from you 24 hours after the preview is sent, we will process your order like the last preview.