Step 1: Choose your favorite product on Unifury

There are 2 ways to find out our products as your request: 

- Search by entering the keyword on the search bar.

- Choosing the product type based on the menu bar. The product is sorted as the bestsellers, occasions, product type, scenery…

Step 2: Complete all required options

Make sure you have filled in all the mandatory fields on the checkout page as well. If the option has 1 image, make sure that you click on that image. 

Step 3: Click the preview function (if it is available) to see the preview

Step 4: Fill in the information and check out

The process to checkout, fill out Contact information with the Shipping address and apply a discount code (if you have) to complete purchasing. 

Note: You will receive a confirmation email/SMS shortly after you have successfully placed your order. We suggest that you provide your email address to receive the order information easier.