You have 2 hours since placing your order to modify your order. If you contact us after 2 hours of order submission, your order will be locked for processing so we can not modify it.

To modify your order, request After Order via Contact Us.

If you want to change things such as the correct name, wings, theme, change the available information for person or pets…, we would like to suggest the way to edit the design correctly and faster below:

- Visit the product you ordered/want to change on our store Unifury

- Custom the new design 

- Add it to your cart (Not check out)

- Request After Order - > Edit Design (Name, Theme, Wings, Person, Pet...) with the new design code via Contact Us.

(Copy and paste the code, not send us a screenshot of the code).

Example: Item Beach Canvas – New design code: Op234cty7YIOljdf

Note: If you want to remove the name, leave N/A or No Name on the field name to remove it automatically.