When your order is confirmed, you can automatically receive an order confirmation email. It will look like this

If you haven't received any email updates about your order, it is likely the result of one of the following things:

  1. Emails were marked as spam. Some email providers may mark our emails as spam or completely block them. 
  2. Your order was never actually placed and processed.
  3. You have entered an incorrect email address with your order.

If you are certain that the email address linked to your order is correct, please check your spam folder for emails about your order and make sure to add Unifury to your safe list. You may check your Order Status or contact us to be supported. 

You'll also receive a shipping notification when the shipment(s) in your order is shipped. If you haven't received your shipping confirmation email, it is possible your order hasn't shipped yet. 

Check the processing time for your order in our ESTIMATED TIME OF ARRIVAL  to determine when it should be sent out. 

If your order is past the stated processing time, please contact us. We can confirm the ship date for your order or see why your order is delayed.

Please note: Customers who choose to enter a phone number instead of an email address receive their order confirmation and shipping updates by SMS to their mobile phone, which may look something like this: