We are always interested in new ideas! You can also contribute with your ideas to the upcoming releases of Unifury or helping us enrich our current personalized options.

Instructions to request new options/ideas

1. Create an option/idea request

  • Create a ticket in Unifury specifying “New option/idea request as the Type”.

    In the description of the option/idea request explain why you come up with this option/idea. You can also attach some supported images for reference.

2. What happens after I have created an idea/option request?

Once that the option/idea Request is created in Unifury, the customer support team will evaluate and check with it our idea and designer teams.

Depending on this evaluation, the request could be marked as:

  • Good Idea: The team believes the suggestion is a good idea. Note though that this doesn’t mean that there is a commitment to implement it yet. The team would like to know whether there are more people interested in this. If after a period of time we see that there are many customers interested in it we would review and try to implement it.
  • Need more information: It means that more information is needed or the team has questions for the requester in order to be able to analyze it and make a decision.
  • Not aligned: The team believes that the proposal does not fit our products or we have alternative options.

3. What should I expect next? How can I help?

  • Once that the option/idea request is accepted Good Idea, it will be taken into account by the appropriate team and at some point it will be implemented. You can always help us to find more people interested among customers or within the community. You will be kept informed about any progress on your proposal and when the new idea is released.
  • In the case the request is tagged with Need more information, that means we need more information and your help in implementing  the idea. We may discuss with you via emails about the option/idea.
  • When Not aligned, that does not mean it is automatically discarded. The team just thinks the proposal does not fit our current situation or we have alternative options for you to consider. We may discuss with you via emails about the option/idea.